Joy Seeker

Recently I read a very insightful article by Paula Spencer on The article addresses the need for caregivers to find a confidante, a point extremely well-taken. Often the person needing care had once filled that role. Spencer writes about how sad she was when her grandmother’s increasing deafness brought an end to their weekly phone calls. Yet, Spencer notes, in person her grandmother’s hugs felt exactly the same.

And that is what I want to explore a bit.  

Spencer states: Reap what you can still reap from the person in your care. Yes, things change.  Vision dims. Hearing dwindles. Weekly hikes become ambles become shuffles between bed and sofa. Maybe you’ll never win the rumba championship together again. But if you look hard, you’ll find that the person you love is still there—and maybe even in ways you had never before discovered. So don’t waste precious time mourning loss; look for life.  Focus on what remains—like those hugs—and push ahead. Build new connections, new memories and new ways of being together. Seek joy.