Ditching the Emotional Baggage: Fear

Fear comes in many flavors: What is going to happen to Mom? How can I handle it all? Will I end up this way, too? It’s natural. And it can consume your days and nights and every thought. You turn things over and over, like a sore that you just can’t stop yourself from touching.

The trouble is, that fear only makes things worse. You accomplish nothing for your loved one. And you give yourself headaches and stomach-aches, sleepless nights and probably poor dietary habits. Everyone loses.

It is important to acknowledge your fear—and to manage it, before it manages you.

Two tips for handling fear.

  • Stare fear in the eye. What is the very worst thing that could happen? How would you handle it? What are your choices? Have other people gone through something similar? Are there some proactive steps you can take? If you know how you will deal with the worst case situation, you can be comfortable dealing with anything short of that.
  • Figure out what you can control, and let the rest go. Easier written than done, I know. But there is no use lying awake at night fretting over things you have no way to impact. Don’t borrow trouble; you have enough already.

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